Graphics and animation


Thanks for dropping in. My name is Barry McCarthy and I am a Cork based graphic designer. I offer a unique, friendly and professional solution to your design needs. I have a broad skill-set including web, print, 3D modelling and animation. Your business will benefit from almost 20 years in the design industry as I can provide a high end custom website, graphic or logo/brand tailored to your needs. I never use stock graphics for logos or branding, so that you know your presentation to the world will be unique to you alone, and will have been tailor-made to suit your business. Whether you need an update on your logo, or a complete makeover, a quote costs nothing. Get in touch today at or 086 8342860.


Whether you need a brochure, flyer, logo, branding, business card, poster or combination of all of these, I can provide a print design solution for you and your company. Continue Reading


A website that is both mobile and desktop ready is a must these days. I can provide a unique solution for you and your company, which will be easy to update and maintain without incurring further costs in the future. Continue Reading


3d modelling and animation has a huge variety of application in the advertising and promotion of your product. Whether it is to provide a photomontage of your building design, or to create a visual of your product which would otherwise be too expensive to build and prototype. It can provide a visual reference for your clients or… Continue Reading